Whatever your needs are here in Phuket, we’re here to meet them, whether you’re looking for a cultural city tour, an authentic Thai experience or a luxury day trip on a yacht. We have over thirteen years of experience here on the island, so we know exactly where to go for the very best day trips and excursions in Phuket. Your dream is our command.


Phuket is world famous for its beaches and its nightlife but there is so much more to it than that. Thailand is synonymous with temples, sun, sea and spicy food but that’s a superficial view of what Phuket has to offer. Phuket has its own identity, it marries the ancient beauty of traditional Thai culture with modern, stylish luxury seamlessly. From the breathtaking scenery from Big Buddha, through the unspoiled jungle and elephant reserves to traditional fishing villages or up-market malls. The world of Phuket is varied and surprising.

Island day trips in Phuket

Phuket sits in the tranquil Andaman sea and there are many beautiful islands and places of interest that can be visited from Phuket. We have gathered together the very best selection of tours and day trips for you to choose from. Phi Phi is world famous for its spectacular scenery, and Phang Nga Bay has to be seen to be believed. The crystal waters are teeming with colorful, tropical sea life while floating villages and island temples hark back to the cultural history of the area. Whatever your taste, whatever your requirements are, we’re here to help fulfill your dreams.

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Phuket’s not just for those who wish to laze on the beach, there’s so much more here than crystal clear water and white sand. It might not be the first place you’d think of for surfing but there’s a large surfing community here, whether you’re a complete novice or a veteran, there’s a surf school for every level. Phuket has all manner of watersports on offer, from diving to kitesurfing, sailing to surfing, if you can do it on or under the water you’ll find it here. Or if you’re looking for a thrill, there’s ziplining and paragliding and if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, there are some amazing hiking opportunities.

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We have specially selected, curated island city tours for you to experience a different side of Phuket. Each one is designed to offer culture and delight, which will leave you with enduring memories of an unforgettable place.

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